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Where Interior Designs Nurtures Interior Life with Christ

Catholic Mantle with Immaculate Heart and Sacred Heart images, Antique and Vintage art pieces with books and plants

About Us

Relaunching January 2023

Interior Catholic began 2016 after founder, Rachelle, realized her Catholic home was lost without being centered on Christ Himself. Through her passion for interior design, she worked to orient her family on Him through intentional home decor. After experiencing the fruits of her efforts, Interior Catholic was developed as an Apostolate where others can be inspired to feed their soul and build up the domestic church. With time, the mission and purpose needed reevaluation and Rachelle took a pause. Now Rachelle and Therese, sisters, are working together to relaunch Interior Catholic with a redefined mission and goal, achieving the charism Christ is calling us to build. We are sisters a generation apart coming together with a common passion but different perspectives. It is our belief that beauty and goodness can be discovered in the meaningful placement of home design all the while being strown about with children's toys, snack crumbs, and the aftermath of busy bodies. Above all, we want to draw the Truth of our faith to the center of our home.  The laundry may be high and the crown on Mary's head may have been glued on a few times, but through the beauty of life our interior decor can shine forth for his glory and nurture our interior life!

What to Expect

2023 Goals

Mobile Phone

Social Media Presence

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest will all be relaunched and refreshed with a more consistent presence. Additionally, a new Podcast will be launched that will truly bring to life the mission of Interior Catholic. 


Coming Soon

We plan to reveal a new project that will bring the mission full circle.  Coming this spring there will be a surprising new take on how you can be inspired to bring about the beauty of Christ in your home. 



We are most excited to announce the beginning of our consultation services.  We hope that through this we can help form spaces that inspire a greater depth of interior life. Email us for more information!


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